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Dec. 31, 2020

RAPPO & DEACS - Friday, January 1 2021

RAPPO & DEACS - Friday, January 1 2021

It's the first episode of 2021 and because it's still the festive period, we haven't troubled any of the Cornish football fraternity for any interviews.

Instead, our usual stars keep us up to date. Phil Hiscox summarises the changes necessary for football to continue under the area moving up to Covid-19 Tier 3; Cam Weldon keeps us abreast of what's happening at Truro City while, of course, Jon Colenzo brings us up to date with the RRL East Cornwall Premier League.

Next week, we'll be back scouring the Duchy for interviews, but if on reading this, you have any ideas for us to cover while there's no actual football taking place - get in touch.

RAPPO & DEACS, Series 3, Episode 19 Friday, January 1 2021


02:40 - Rappo’s Titbits

22:20 - Phil Hiscox (South West Peninsula League)

51:33 - Cam Weldon & Truro City

1:03:45 - Jon Colenzo & the ECPL

1:16:48 - Rappo & the St Piran League

1:22:24 - And Rappo shows why he’s our SPL man in a quiz to start the year off!