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Jan. 1, 2023

NSC Roadshow 19 Jack Holder talks "Faith in Each Other"

NSC Roadshow 19 Jack Holder talks

Jack Holder & I get to talk faith, parenting and his latest Kickstarter project. In "Faith In Each Other" , Esther is a chosen one. Inspired by angels to fight a secret war against  chaos and evil. Eleven years old, armed only with a stick and belief,  she strives to prove herself in this supernatural battle. Jonas is her father. He doesn't fight battles, nor has he seen Esther  fight any. Instead, his battles are more boring. A boss that belittles  him. A home that seems to be falling apart. And a daughter that claims  to be fighting demons in an abandoned church.

Can daughter and father find a way to help each other? Is Esther a chosen one, or a child with an overactive imagination? We talk about the team effort that came together to put this project together and so much more. 

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