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March 15, 2023

Heroclix Roundtable-Spiderman Beyond Amazing

Heroclix Roundtable-Spiderman Beyond Amazing
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I get the chance to talk to Edward Kaye, Khari Sampson, Kalder Ness, Antonio Clark and Edward Shelton about the latest Heroclix set dropping in a week or so. We talk about what pieces we love in the set, favorite Heroclix figure, the leak on EBay, the Scott Porter video series and so much more. We have a healthy mix of competitive players and "casual" players. Spider-Man Beyond Amazing is the newest set and the webslinger comes out to play. #heroclix #wizkids


Where to go buy the game:

Wizkids Shop




Khari Sampson www,heroclixin.com

Kalder Ness https://www.youtube.com/@DialHForHeroclix

Edward Shelton https://www.youtube.com/@startingoverpodcast

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