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Nov. 30, 2022

Episode 209 JDF and Wakanda Forever Talk

Episode 209 JDF and Wakanda Forever Talk
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WARNING: This episode is Rated Explicit Subject Matter Concerning Suicide and Themes of Loss and Death.

#JDF #WakandaForever #JasonDavidFrank

We celebrate the life of Jason David Frank. He was not only the Green and White Ranger, but so many other Power Ranger identities. He was a father, a husband and a fan of his fans. We talk about memories and favorite moments. 

We then talk about "Wakanda Forever". We talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. We also talk about the themes of loss, faith vs science, cameos and SOOOOO much more. The Rasco Bros and I team up to talk about this movie. Come join us. 

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