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Do a New Thing w/Christa Hutchins (Connect the Dots Podcast)

After almost 3 years, Christa and I finally got to sit down for a conversation. We met at Blissdom in late 2019 and I was instantly drawn to her passion for helping others. She is a project manager by trade, then was called by God to help His girls. Christa started to volunteer with Proverbs 31, using her project management skills to help them grow. Over the years, she has continued to work in the corporate world and build her business. Christa shares how God has lead her through all the twists and turns of stepping into her calling. Doanewthing.com (http://doanewthing.com/) is the go to spot to see Christa’s book, journal, podcast, and mastermind.

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Podcast - Just One Simple Thing w/Christa Hutchins https://doanewthing.com/podcast/

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