One can say that The Conjecturing Pod’s journey began over a friends and family drunken wine-tasting trip in Central California, back in October 2019.  But the journey likely started long before that, all due to a little M. Night movie that caused waves amongst fans and viewers, and even placed strain on certain friendships (ahem… Laura and Greg).

The year is 2015, and Laura and Greg both excitedly enter their respective theaters ready to watch the anticipated M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Visit”. Popcorn in hand, the lights dim, and both feel a tinge of excitement. Here is where the story truly begins. Laura is excited to finally watch a new scary movie, one she knows won’t disappoint. Greg, on the other hand, is more anxious than excited. He is praying to the horror gods that this movie is not a flop. As the movie finishes, Laura and her husband, Brooks, look at each other, laugh, and give a little “that was fun!”. Greg on the other hand, does not turn to his wife Lindsay and smile. He instead wants to go home and never speak of this movie again.

Enter Rob, a shit-starter by nature. Rob, who prefers not to watch any horror movie ever due to a past trauma with a certain 90’s alien flick, wants to know how the new M. Night movie was. Laura chimes in first “it was so good! We really liked it!” while Greg scoffs and goes “are you SERIOUS? It was terrible”. The two look at each other dumbfoundedly that two horror fans could have two completely different opinions and experiences about the same movie; while Rob sees an opportunity to add fuel to the fire.

What happens next cannot be made up. Laura & Greg continue to discuss other horror movies: is it simply good, or bad? Their opinions differ more than they align, and neither can understand why. They get so desperate to make the other understand and essentially “win” the argument, that they start challenging each other to other forms of competition. One idea was to see who can run the fastest (Rob was also signed up for this one, it luckily never happened though). Another was to see who could out-drink the other (Rob did not participate in this one, and it unfortunately did happen. In case you are wondering, it was a tie. They blacked out at the same exact time).

Fast forward to October 2019, with all three friends together with their families and other friends enjoying a long weekend away in wine country. On the first evening, Laura & Greg suggest a horror movie. Laura suggests “Happy Death Day”, knowing that it is more funny than scary and Rob can handle it, being the horror lightweight that he is. As the movie completes, everyone else has gone to bed and the three all agree, it was good! For the next several hours, Laura, Rob and Greg discuss horror movies, personal stories with horror, and what horror truly means. Laura casually mentions “we should start a horror movie podcast… we have a lot to say.” Rob’s inner light bulb turns on… but he says nothing...yet.

As the group heads home, Laura and Greg receive a text message from Rob when they are not even an hour out saying “Are you guys serious? Want to start a podcast? I have some ideas…” and the rest my friends, is horror history.   




About the Hosts



Hello I'm Laura, one of your hosts. I always come prepared with my real-time hand written notes and at least two alcoholic beverages. I'm pumped to have you all listen in and encourage you to explore the feeling of being completely uncomfortable.



Hi, I'm Rob. Generally, I'm the scaredy cat of the group and up until now, wasn't an avid horror movie fan. Although I may bring the ridiculous jokes to the pod, I am also the ring leader who is constantly wrangling Laura and Greg when they go off on their tangents. I am the master editor of each episode and love using this opportunity of incorporating structure to these two crazies as a creative outlet. So far my favorite part of the pod is building games that I know are going to blow Greg's mind and make Laura throw shit.



Greg here. Chairman of the way-too-many-notes committee. I'm bad at synopses but make up for it with drawn out non-sequitur ramblings about what I think horror movies are about and why they're important to us. I like to just let my mind wander and see where the rabbit hole leads. So come along with us for the ride!