The Conjecturing: A Horror-ish Podcast

The Conjecturing: A Horror-ish Podcast

A Horror-ish comedy podcast that reviews movies, plays games and asks the dumb questions you’re too afraid to ask! Come for the Scares. Stay for the Laughs. Hosted by Rob, Laura and Greg.

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P.Y.P. | Zombie Date Night: Interview w/Steve Urena

July 29, 2021

During this #PickYourPoison segment, the gang talks with Steve Urena, comic creator and writer of Slow Pokes & the upcoming Zombie Date Night! Greg’s Slothman Prophecies finally comes to fruition. Laura goes full zombie and Rob’s claws are out as they ar...

The Butterfly Effect (2004) | Discussion/Review

July 22, 2021

The gang reviews The Butterfly Effect (2004) spoilers. Laura grinds her gears and greek letters. Greg metamorphizes into a butterfly. Rob persists as a mama's boy. Everyone's differing opinions regenerate into alternative realities.   Show Notes:  Movie ...

Insidious (2010) | Discussion/Review

July 15, 2021

The gang reviews Insidious (2010) *spoilers*. Greg tip-toes through the tulips in a gas mask. Rob sends the Astral Army on the ‘Poppins kid. Laura enjoys roller coasters with two hunks. No one is matching PJs with the Lipstick Demon!   Show Notes:  Movie...

Attack the Block (2011) | Discussion/Review

July 8, 2021

The gang reviews Attack the Block (2011) *spoilers*. Greg possesses all the street cred but rejects child delinquents. Laura adopts more kids and assembles a racing team. Rob majors in Sausage-ology. We must protect the BLOCK, BLOCK, BLOCK!   Show Notes:...

Lake Mungo (2008) | Discussion/Review

July 1, 2021

The gang reviews Lake Mungo (2008) spoilers. Rob is perturbed by pathologically chapped lips. Laura walks into every wall while leaving her wine behind. Greg explores the deep family dynamics of this film. Everyone feels sad. Show Notes:  Movie Reveal/B...

P.Y.P. | Conjecture-Along: Laura5 Comes Alive!

June 24, 2021

In their first ever (#PickYourPoison) Conjecture-Along, the gang watches 1986’s Short Circuit *spoilers*. Laura discusses her fear of robots peeking through curtains. Rob questions the placement of Johnny’s third arm, meanwhile Greg denies the obvious ro...

About the Hosts



Hello I'm Laura, one of your hosts. I always come prepared with my real-time hand written notes and at least two alcoholic beverages. I'm pumped to have you all listen in and encourage you to explore the feeling of being completely uncomfortable.



Hi, I'm Rob. Generally, I'm the scaredy cat of the group and up until now, wasn't an avid horror movie fan. Although I may bring the ridiculous jokes to the pod, I am also the ring leader who is constantly wrangling Laura and Greg when they go off on their tangents. I am the master editor of each episode and love using this opportunity of incorporating structure to these two crazies as a creative outlet. So far my favorite part of the pod is building games that I know are going to blow Greg's mind and make Laura throw shit.



Greg here. Chairman of the way-too-many-notes committee. I'm bad at synopses but make up for it with drawn out non-sequitur ramblings about what I think horror movies are about and why they're important to us. I like to just let my mind wander and see where the rabbit hole leads. So come along with us for the ride!