Sept. 8, 2021

#4 - The PCA Votes on "Gay/SSA Christian" Pastors

#4 - The PCA Votes on

David and TJ discuss the goals, statuses, and potential impacts of several overtures (i.e. amendments) that were brought to the PCA national conversation in June/July of 2021. The Presbyterian Church in America's (PCA's) General Assembly was an event of much debate and controversy as this denomination tried to take a stance on ordination of "gay" pastors.  While these proposed changes won't directly affect members of PCA congregations, they do aim at barring/removing pastors and other officers from serving in the church if they identify as "gay", "SSA", etc. 



00 - Intro to PCA, Revoice, Greg Johnson, Study Report, "SSA Sin", Overtures 

20 - General Assembly and 3-Step Process for Overture Amendments 

22 - Overture 16: "those who identify as homosexual and claim to practice celibacy

24 - Overture 23: “Those who profess an identity . . . that undermines or contradicts their identity as new creations in Christ” 

37 - Overture 37: Character examination of candidate & “must not be known by reputation or self-profession for his remaining sinfulness

47 - Concluding Steps and Recommended Actions 



5 Reasons to Vote No To Overture 37 by Travis Scott (why it will not bring peace and unity to the PCA) 

Summary of the Overtures 23 and 37 (the two overtures on homosexuality that passed through General Assembly)   

PCA Study Report on Human Sexuality

Video Conversation from Tim Keller and Kevin DeYoung on the Study Report (YouTube)  

An Open Letter from Pastors in the PCA on Charity and Faithfulness (