Jan. 18, 2022

#8 - On Covenant Brotherhood, with Special Reference to TJ’s Covenant

#8 - On Covenant Brotherhood, with Special Reference to TJ’s Covenant
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In this episode, we, joined by our friend and project manager/editor Alaina, talk about covenant brotherhood, via the particular instantiation of TJ’s covenant brotherhood/s with four brothers. TJ shares his general story, we talk about the general shape and contours of the relationship, consider its relationship to celibate partnerships, and provide general preliminary advice about what it might look like to pursue this relationship in the US context. This is the first of many planned conversations on this topic - enjoy!

Show Notes:

Book - Brothermaking in Late Byzantium and Antiquity by Claudia Rapp: Brother-Making in Late Antiquity and Byzantium - Claudia Rapp - Oxford University Press (oup.com)

Your Other Brother’s Podcast on Covenant Friendship: YOBcast 083: Covenant Friendship w/ Dr. Paul Eddy • Your Other Brothers

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