Oct. 14, 2021

#6 - TJ's Story | Dysphoria, Queerness, Contextualization, and Conviction

#6 - TJ's Story | Dysphoria, Queerness, Contextualization, and Conviction
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TJ Espinoza shares the history of his personal understanding about his own sexuality, and how God has lead him through study, community, and spiritual experience towards a Side B conviction, even if it leaves him with many loose ends for his life.
[CONTENT WARNING: Story includes brief mentions of moments of direct sexual desire.]
2:24 - TJ in Americas

19:06 - Queer in Africa

22:38 - Christian College

27:33 - Entering the Side B Conversation

31:37 - Why not Side A?

47:09 - Tension in Singleness (America & Africa)

50:40 - Why Side B?

56:47 - Queer Identity vs Christian Identity | Identity Hierarchy

*We had technical problems that required some audio re-recording. 

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