Aug. 17, 2021

#2 - Art, Jesus, and 'Queering' Your Perspective | Chat with Raye

#2 - Art, Jesus, and 'Queering' Your Perspective | Chat with Raye
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TJ and David have a lovely time chatting with Raye! Raye is a Side B woman, who shares her experience growing up in a conservative Christian home and church, and later comes to terms with her tilted perspective. At times she identifies as "queer", yet she has recently and happily joined in marriage with her husband.


00 - Gender Roles, Sexuality, & Growing Up

11 - Hospitality and Vulnerability

20 - Explaining your Marriage as a Queer Person

32 - Importance of Friendships

41 - Unexpected Goods; "Queering" in Art

45 - PCA

56 - Sharing Personal Convictions to Side A and Side X people


This episode is a bit longer than anticipated, so feel free to listen to this as 1.5x speed to keep it under an hour ;)