Oct. 18, 2023

#35 - Marco Casanova on Integration, Healing, and Orientation

#35 - Marco Casanova on Integration, Healing, and Orientation

Marco Casanova is a Catholic leader of a ministry called Living Waters, helping people pursue healing, often around sexuality. TJ and David had a very engaging talk with Marco about his take on homosexuality/same-sex attraction, marriage and singleness, Pope John Paul II, and the work of healing and transformation. Within the Christian sexuality conversation, Marco’s approach might be called “Side X”, although he differs from the approach of older “ex-gay” ministries. Join us in listening and learning from our guest as we seek to understand his story and perspective.

About Our Guest:

Marco Casanova is Associate Director of Desert Stream Ministries. He encountered Living Waters as a seminarian seeking answers in his broken sexuality. After eight years, Marco left priestly formation and joined the Desert Stream team. His primary task is to oversee Living Waters USA and to equip lay faithful to run effective healing groups in their church communities. He married his wife Ania in December 2022. The Casanovas are parishioners of St. Peter's Parish, Brookside, MO.



(01:30) Marco's story of same sex attraction, sexual addiction

(14:25) What is "integration," at Living Waters?

(20:49) Dating with zero chemistry--advice?

(23:25) What does "spousal" design mean for chosen celibacy?

(28:35) Can everyone achieve “integration”?

(34:10) Does same-sex attraction have any gifts/goods?

(37:59) Brothers, sisters, spouses, and the "safety" of gay guys…

(45:13) If there's not marriage/sex in heaven...?

(49:07) On Exodus International, ex-gay ministries, and conversion therapy

(59:26) Differences between Side B and your perspective?

(1:08:25) What is authentic theological anthropology? (Can SSA be a part of moving forward?)

(1:25:11) Do you know Eden Invitation?


Links and References We Mentioned

Marco’s ministry, Desert Streams: desertstream.org

Theology of the Body, Pope John Paul II - Wikipedia, new book translation (2006)

Elizabeth Moberly - Wikipedia

Joseph Nicolosi - Wikipedia

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