May 24, 2023

#28 - Ariel on Being a Friend to Side B

#28 - Ariel on Being a Friend to Side B
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Ariel is a friend of this podcast and—more importantly—a friend to many humans, both queer and straight. We have seen her intuitive care and fierce kindness shine in her support of queer friends and family. We asked her to share some wisdom with us all!



(02:23) Growing up in evangelical Christianity with queer friends

(11:46) The goodness of diversity in communities

(14:59) Why not use the word "ally"? Or "advocate"?

(21:20) The church has struggled to keep up with culture...and could it ever be "ahead"?

(30:32) What does it mean to be a friend (to...anyone)?

(38:55) Advice for Christians struggling with friendships with queer people

(42:34) Raising kids around differences that aren't scary


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