April 12, 2023

#26 - Make Sides Not War: Why the “Sides” Framework Still Supports the Sexuality Conversation

#26 - Make Sides Not War: Why the “Sides” Framework Still Supports the Sexuality Conversation
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Within Christian circles on the faith and sexuality, we (especially Side B people) spend a lot of time talking about different “sides” and where we stand. Some people think we shouldn’t even talk about sides at all. While there may be merit to some of their objections, we still think it’s a valuable way of framing things. This episode explains why we keep using “Side A” and “Side B”. We might give you some new ideas, might change your mind… or it might just give you more things to argue about with us. We welcome all of those!

Note: This episode uses the terms “Side A” and “Side B” (and X, and Y) as shorthand quite a bit. If you’re new to the conversation (welcome!), you can totally join us for an insider conversation…but first you might find it helpful to check out Communion & Shalom episode #3, where we talk through the four “sides”: ⁠⁠⁠#3 - A-B-Y-X | 4 Sides on SSA/Gay Sexuality⁠⁠



(00:57) Why did this topic come up?
(04:40) What are the strengths of using "sides" language or framework?
(09:33) Critiques of using "sides" language or frameworks
(25:03) Critiques we find wisdom in
(27:08) Alternatives: What other language besides "sides" could we use?
(35:59) Is "sides" language sufficient for our moment?


Links and References

Below are some names mentioned in this episode, which may help make this conversation easier to follow and look up.

  • Saint Aelred - Wikipedia

  • We mention Rosaria Butterfield on this episode, who represents “Side Y”.

  • Matthew Vines represents a traditional “Side A” perspective.

  • Tyler Sit was a guest on this podcast - Episode 13

  • Giacomo San Filippo was a guest on this podcast - Episode 17


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