Jan. 18, 2023

#22 - Unity and Differences in Side B

#22 - Unity and Differences in Side B
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Contrary to (some) opinions, those of us who consider ourselves “Side B” on Christian sexuality don’t agree on everything, nor is there a shared “declaration of theology” document that we can all agree on. What ideas unite and divide the Side B community? TJ and David identify 6 areas of unity and 8 areas of difference, within the Side B community.

Note: This episode uses the terms “Side A” and “Side B” (and X, Y) as shorthand quite a bit. If you’re new to the conversation, you might find it helpful to check out Communion & Shalom episode #3, where we talk through the four “sides”: ⁠#3 - A-B-Y-X | 4 Sides on SSA/Gay Sexuality⁠

And, if it helps clarify…when we say someone “is Side B”, we’re referring to those of us who are ourselves queer or same-sex attracted (which is different than the larger group, queer or straight, who align with Side B’s general theology and posture).



(00:23) Why this episode is needed

Shared Unity in Side B:

(05:00) 1. Historic Christian sexual ethic

(05:39) 2. The church should uphold celibate vocation

(06:06) 3. Willingness to see the goods of being queer

(08:30) 4. Same-sex attraction isn’t morally culpable as a sinful action (we differ on what is “indwelling sin”)

(10:19) 5. Using wisdom, not prescribed language, for identity terms

(10:56) 6. Opposition to “conversion therapy”

Differences within Side B (11:46):

(13:37) 1. Theological, denominational traditions

(15:49) 2. Backgrounds, countries, cultures, beliefs, practices

(17:10) 3. How we relate to LGBT/queer subculture(s)

(23:32) 4. How we theologically evaluate Side A (or Y, X) beliefs

(24:30) Where we started affects our current theological stance

(25:36) The value we place on certain virtues (esp. TRUTH) affects our current theological stance

(27:41) How big is the gap is between Side A and B?

(45:03) 5. How we relate to gender norms

(47:41) 6. How Christians should influence polity, laws, esp. on gay marriage

(50:06) 7. Perspectives on having celibate partnerships

(51:43) 8. Diversity in communities (it’s a human problem)

(52:22) In conclusion, why does this matter?


Links and References

Previous Communion & Shalom podcast episodes we referred to:

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BONUS: A Virtual Tour of TJ's Experience at Pride 2022 (Sept 7, 2022)

Revoice Conference: https://revoice.us/

One example of Rosaria Butterfield’s critique of Side B: https://podcast.choosetruthovertribe.com/episodes/rosaria-butterfield-christian-lesbian


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