Jan. 18, 2023

#22 - Unity and Differences in Side B

#22 - Unity and Differences in Side B

Contrary to (some) opinions, those of us who consider ourselves “Side B” on Christian sexuality don’t agree on everything, nor is there a shared “declaration of theology” document that we can all agree on. What ideas unite and divide the Side B community? TJ and David identify 6 areas of unity and 8 areas of difference, within the Side B community.

Note: This episode uses the terms “Side A” and “Side B” (and X, Y) as shorthand quite a bit. If you’re new to the conversation, we recommend one of these resources as an overview.

And, if it helps clarify…when we say someone “is Side B”, we’re referring to those of us who are ourselves queer or same-sex attracted (which is different than the larger group, queer or straight, who align with Side B’s general theology and posture).



(00:23) Why this episode is needed

Shared Unity in Side B:
(05:00) 1. Historic Christian sexual ethic
(05:39) 2. The church should uphold celibate vocation
(06:06) 3. Willingness to see the goods of being queer
(08:30) 4. Same-sex attraction isn’t morally culpable as a sinful action (we differ on what is “indwelling sin”)
(10:19) 5. Using wisdom, not prescribed language, for identity terms
(10:56) 6. Opposition to “conversion therapy”

Differences within Side B (11:46):
(13:37) 1. Theological, denominational traditions
(15:49) 2. Backgrounds, countries, cultures, beliefs, practices
(17:10) 3. How we relate to LGBT/queer subculture(s)
(23:32) 4. How we theologically evaluate Side A (or Y, X) beliefs
(24:30) Where we started affects our current theological stance
(25:36) The value we place on certain virtues (esp. TRUTH) affects our current theological stance
(27:41) How big is the gap is between Side A and B?
(45:03) 5. How we relate to gender norms
(47:41) 6. How Christians should influence polity, laws, esp. on gay marriage
(50:06) 7. Perspectives on having celibate partnerships
(51:43) 8. Diversity in communities (it’s a human problem)

(52:22) In conclusion, why does this matter?


Links and References

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