Oct. 26, 2022

#16 - Gifts of Being Queer - Part 2 with Michelle and Will

#16 - Gifts of Being Queer - Part 2 with Michelle and Will
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Michelle and Will are two friends who identify as asexual and queer, and we (David and TJ) wanted to hear their take on what’s good about being queer. Before that, we spent a little more time reflecting on those topics ourselves.



01:00 - In which David and TJ summarize a few initial goods from their own queer experience: avoiding “the establishment”, discipleship, Plato’s take on social contributions, humility, God working in the margins.
10:45 - Please don’t feel bad if you’re not queer (or “queer enough”)
12:20 - Now, back to our regularly scheduled interview with Will and Michelle…
13:20 - Queerness can develop self-discernment, humility, self-sacrifice in suffering
24:50 - Queer people often see the brokenness of the world, need for corporate confession
27:40 - Queer people can sometimes have a “genius” for friendship, be a “safe friend”, and change the script on intimacy and masculinity
34:15 - Queerness: everyone’s a special snowflake, yes, but there’s something deeply Christian about that
39:45 - Queerness disrupts our emphasis on marriage and romance
57:40 - The scandal of a mixed gender household
58:45 - In conclusion: It’s about seeing Christ, and ourselves through his eyes


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