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Wow, such an inspiring podcast

Burcu’s energy is so contagious. She is witty, joyful, and has so much to share with the world. Her ideas, concepts and her wisdom is so applicable to everyday life. A magical piece of advice in every podcast. Thank you for all that you do 😊

As per description

Burcu’s podcast is inspirational and joyful because she is that kind of individual. Absolutely love her energy and questions as a host! Recommend!

Cup of Joy!

Burcu has a great podcast. Coffee O Clock is a space we can jump in to and feel we are chatting with friends. Burcu is a lovely host who does the research on her guests to ensure the right conversation flows. Subscribe now and do t miss new episodes!


Burcu is joyful , positive and so inspirational! Listening her show makes me feel empowered and ready to work toward my dreams.

Insightful hostess!

Burcu is an insightful podcast hostess, always asking great follow up questions of her guests. Highly recommend!

Authentic wisdom

Burcu does such a fabulous job with her podcast. I truly believe that she presses into each topic and interview with such heart. You will walk away from listening with a clarity and confidence that leads to pushing through life’s obstacles with more joy in the journey!

A dose of positivity

Burcu has infectious energy and joy pouring out to her audience. Even if the subject is serious, she find the silver lining and ways to apply it to life. An inspiration to all.

Unique and Thought Provoking

This show is unique in a positive way. Unique through the use of many topics, guests, open mindedness, independent thinking and self-improvement. The stories, background and experiences brought forth really provide inspiration to improve your own life. You can pull pieces of motivation from just about every episode. Take away what you need to create a better future and a better you. Burcu is a wonderful host!

A Worthwhile Listen!

I love this show! It’s full of insight and independent thinking. It’s a real bonus to have if you’re serious about self-improvement and also getting insightful sales and marketing tips.