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Aug. 30, 2021

Dating After Divorce

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As the summer ends, I have already started to hear these words “cuffing season”. This means that it is time to find your ‘boo’, someone to date, cuddle with, a companion for the fall season. I laughed when I first heard these words thinking “it’s definitely going to be difficult finding a date now.”

Seriously, dating post-divorce is difficult for men and women. I’ve talked about it several times in past seasons on the podcast about dating for potential, dating for fun and dealing with loneliness. Now that I am dating with intention, I sat down with Vance from @vancetogrow about healing after your divorce to be ready to date. This conversation will leave you encouraged about finding that special person as Vance shares tips, why you should consider working with a dating coach and his own experience with dating as a divorcee. And I forgive him for not being a coffee lover! 

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