An Intro To Consignment

An Intro To Consignment
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I have started this series on MEDIUM. If you would like to learn from the series, please use this link to have access free:


An intro to tell you what to expect if you would like to start a shop, online or off, selling collectibles, or resale clothing. 

Over time I will cover how to start by finding and sorting what you already have, in an attempt to both clear the clutter from your life, as well as finding items in your home that you can stock your blooming business.

Further on, we will talk about strategies, on how to get clients to bring you their high dollar outfits to resell, as well as advertising tips, and other places to find stock. 

If this sounds interesting, please join me at the forum, for this and many other discussions to help you start a business from home, or online.

Although we have a paid membership area, the mass part of our forum, will always be free to learn, teach, and participate in.

Grab a free membership here