Dec. 14, 2021

Quick Climate Links: 'The new normal'; use your power for the planet; combating the heat island effect; climate lawsuits surging

Quick Climate Links: 'The new normal'; use your power for the planet; combating the heat island effect; climate lawsuits surging

Tornadoes with hitherto unseen force and destructive power swept across parts of the U.S., leaving officials with no option but to attribute this phenomenon to climate change -  "FEMA administrator on extreme weather: 'This is going to be our new normal'".

A fascinating webinar today (December 14) organized by the Australian National University in Canberra brought together an array of speakers and it was U.S. Economic Counsellor, Douglas E.Sonnek, who pointed to the certainties surrounding climate change.

The Deputy Director of The Australia Institute, Ebony Bennett, appealed for people to sign a petition calling on the Scott Morrison led Federal Government to scrap plans for legislation that would disarm voluntary groups and, her view, fundamentally erode our democracy.

"Climate Talks" a podcast from The University of Melbourne gives listeners an insight into what did and what didn't happen at COP26.

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Use your power for the planet";

"Why Elon Musk will be remembered as an automotive pioneer";

"“So much at stake:” Australia urged to set minimum 75 pct emissions target for 2030";

"Tenants and apartment owners to benefit from new solar power scheme";

"Climate threats missing from rescue plans";

"Doubts over Coalition’s net-zero target as report finds soil carbon emissions may increase as climate warms";

"Farmers, industry split on proposed federal veto power for forest regeneration projects";

"The end of coal is coming 3 times faster than expected. Governments must accept it and urgently support a ‘just transition’";

"Courts around the world have made strong climate rulings – not so in New Zealand";

"WA’s new Aboriginal Heritage Act keeps mining interests ahead of the culture and wishes of Traditional Owners";

"Don’t believe the Coalition’s ‘emissions are down’ spin. Australia has not delivered on climate policy";

"Company part-owned by Angus Taylor illegally poisoned grasslands, ministerial review finds";

"FACT SHEET: The Biden-⁠Harris Electric Vehicle Charging Action Plan";

"Combating the urban heat island effect in Richmond";

"Why these Tiwi Islanders are worried about one of Australia's newest gas projects";

"Can You Fix Smogtown?";

"Ready for renewables?"

"Murray-Darling basin: ‘flawed’ flood water giveaway could reverse decade of reforms";

"Recycle Mate: critics say rollout of AI sorting app won’t solve Australia’s waste problem";

"Where to find courage and defiant hope when our fragile, dewdrop world seems beyond saving";

"Addressing our planetary crisis";

"Decentralised autonomous action for environmental and social justice";

"Calls to include aviation in biofuel mandate this week";

"Biden calls on EPA to investigate role of climate crisis in deadly tornadoes";

"Budweiser Brewing Group announces new ambition to achieve Net Zero by 2040";

"Climate change is here, and Detroit is flooding";

"12 books on climate and the planet for the holidays";

"We’ve Failed Our Planet. This Is an SOS";

"Cities swallowed by dust.";

"There Is a World of Good We Can Do";

"The Climate Crisis Is Raging, but We Are Not Powerless";

"“Termination Shock,” Stephenson sounds his next alarm bell";

"Biden declares major federal disaster in Kentucky";

"Why climate lawsuits are surging".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".










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