Jan. 23, 2022

Quick Climate Links: Prof Michael Mann interviewed on the BBC's 'Science in Action'

Quick Climate Links: Prof Michael Mann interviewed on the BBC's 'Science in Action'

U.S. climate scientist, Professor Michael Mann, was among the guests on a "Science in Action" show from the BBC World Service where it covered everything from the volcanic eruption near Tonga to ocean warming.

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Energy bills: ‘I got a green deal, so why am I paying eye-watering sums?’";

"Kamala Harris to announce wildfire money in visit to California on Friday";

"What does hope look like in 2022?";

"22 Predictions for 2022";

"The cities of 2121: Changemakers envision the future they’re working toward";

"Environmentalists vow to fight latest Kimberley fracking proposal to unearth Australia's largest oil resource";

"Fake Snow for China Olympics Needs 49 Million Gallons of Water";

"The deal with Jacinda Ardern’s Labour party is proving toxic for New Zealand’s Greens";

"Tennis Australia ends partnership with Santos after one year";

"EU Climate Chief Wants Renewables to Stop Making Putin ‘Rich’";

"People in glass houses… Scientist gives interview on environmental harm of conservatories – from her conservatory";

"‘We’re basically starting from zero’: Restoring Finland’s river ecosystems";

"Walking and cycling must be made safe in England. Here’s our plan to do just that":

"The U.S. Military Emits More Carbon Dioxide Into the Atmosphere Than Entire Countries Like Denmark or Portugal";

"Inspired by King’s Words, Experts Say the Fight for Climate Justice Anywhere is a Fight for Climate Justice Everywhere";

"Heading for a Second Term, Fed Chair Jerome Powell Bucks a Global Trend on Climate Change";

"China Moves to Freeze Production of Climate Super-Pollutants But Lacks a System to Monitor Emissions";

"Warming Trends: Winterless Olympics, a Disaster Novel Shows the Importance of Storytelling in Climate Conversations and a New Lab Studies Parks and Warming";

"‘Just a new fossil fuel industry’: Australia to send first shipment of liquefied hydrogen to Japan";

"Record-breaking Western Australia heatwave has days to run before it moves east";

"Nanoplastic pollution found at both of Earth’s poles for first time".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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