Dec. 19, 2021

Quick Climate Links: Oysters, tornadoes, rising seas, peat sales banned

Quick Climate Links: Oysters, tornadoes, rising seas, peat sales  banned

Professor Michael Mann from Penn State University and the author of "The New Climate War" talks about how and why a rash of tornadoes ripped through parts of the U.S.

The interview with Professor Mann can be found here.

Oysters could play a critical role in helping protect Bangladesh from rising sea levels - "COP26: Could oysters help to save Bangladesh from rising seas?"

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Liberals use deadly tornados to attack Republicans on climate change";

"Good citizen award? No thanks, young climate campaigners tell Welsh council";

"How Bangladesh’s poor are paying the costs of climate damage";

"Australia’s Booming Circular Economy";

"13 things we learned from the landmark IPCC climate report";

"Inside the race to scale up CO2 capture technology and hit net zero";

"Global CO2 emissions have almost returned to pre-pandemic levels";

"Projects selected for Phase 1 of the Direct air capture and greenhouse gas removal programme";

"Earth will hit 1.5°C climate limit within 20 years, says IPCC report";

"A ‘false solution’? How crypto mining became the oil industry’s new hope";

"Coalition splashes $2.3bn on marginal seat projects including Queensland inland rail";

"Molasses-like material promises cheap, large-scale battery storage for wind and solar";

"Science Museum ‘must lay down conditions’ to fossil fuel sponsors";

"How banks are using technology to fight climate change";

"Leveraging the Ocean's Carbon Removal Potential";

"Everything you need to know about Doug Ford’s controversial plans for new highways in Ontario";

"NSW grants Vales Point coal plant further five-year exemption from emissions limit";

"Extreme heatwave conditions in the north-west, hot in the south-east as the storms start up again";

"Waterbirds in eastern Australia declining despite breeding boost from wet years, survey finds";

"Former Wallaby David Pocock announces run for ACT Senate seat at next federal election";

"How much indoor air pollution do we produce when we take a shower?";

"Study reveals new climate threat for fish";

"How measuring emissions in real-time can help cities achieve net-zero";

"Antarctica's Doomsday Glacier Is Close to Becoming Unhinged";

"Retiree renovates Colorado home to produce more energy than it uses";

"Hackers throw Indonesian palm oil seminar into chaos, fuelling blame game";

"Peat sales to gardeners in England and Wales to be banned by 2024";

"Warming temperatures threaten Greece's prized olive oil";

"Russia vetoes UN security council resolution linking climate crisis to international peace";

"Alan Kohler: Politicians are failing us on climate change. They must do this instead";

"The Great Danger of the Tiny Bark Beetle";

"Climate scientists: concept of net-zero is a dangerous trap";

"CSIRO research trip discovers ecological benefit to volcanic eruptions";

"PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ constantly cycle through ground, air and water, study finds";

"Adani is poised to ship its first coal – is this failure for Australia’s defining climate campaign?";

"The US is making plans to replace all of its lead water pipes from coast to coast";

"Coal Powered the Industrial Revolution. It Left Behind an ‘Absolutely Massive’ Environmental Catastrophe";

"Global Warming Can Set The Stage for Deadly Tornadoes";

"Inside Clean Energy: Unpacking California’s Controversial New Rooftop Solar Proposal";

"Biden Promised to Stop Oil Drilling on Public Lands. Is His Failure to Do So a Betrayal or a Smart Political Move?";

"Warming Trends: A Potential Decline in Farmed Fish, Less Ice on Minnesota Lakes and a ‘Black Box’ for the Planet".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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