Jan. 26, 2022

Quick Climate Links: 'If we can make a space station fly, we can save the planet' - Thomas Pesquet

Quick Climate Links: 'If we can make a space station fly, we can save the planet' - Thomas Pesquet

French astronaut, Thomas Pesquet (pictured), who spent six months last year on the international space station, has described his view of the Earth as both "alarming and breathtaking".

Read the story: "'If we can make a space station fly, we can save the planet': An astronaut's view on protecting the Earth".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"McKinsey: fundamental transformation of global economy needed for net-zero";

"Climate change and the future of the Olympic Winter Games: athlete and coach perspectives";

"Cumulative carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions";

"Bronx Fire Highlights How Energy-Efficiency Push Could Save Lives Beyond Climate Change";

"After snowy December, California suddenly turns dry, magnifying drought concern";

"Why doesn’t every big box store have rooftop solar?";

"Analysis-Rio Tinto has few options to save Serbia lithium mine, none good";

"Indonesia starts construction of $2.3 bln coal gasification plant";

"GM to invest $6.5 billion at 2 Michigan sites for EV, battery production";

"Habitat for Humanity homes go solar in Harrisonburg, Virginia, area";

"There's nothing radical about climate action in 2022";

"Will the Independent women standing in 2022 listen and act for diverse voices?";

"Extinction Rebellion activists Anthea Falkiner, Lesley Mosbey sentenced over Parliament House protest offences";

"Rihanna's philanthropy grows: Singer's foundation donates $15 million climate justice";

"Labor can end climate wars, Albanese says";

"A Mayor Makes the Case for Investing in Micro-Businesses";

"Paris Buried a River 100 Years Ago. Now The City Needs To Resurface It to Combat Climate Change";

"European Demand Is Threatening Key Ecosystems Around the World, the WWF Says";

"Some endangered species can no longer survive in the wild. So should we alter their genes?";

"What drove Perth’s record-smashing heatwave – and why it’s a taste of things to come";

"Mapping, Management, and Mitigation: How Peatlands Can Advance Climate Action in Southeast Asia";

"6 Ways to Ensure Ecosystem Restoration Prioritizes People";

"5 Ways US States Can Get More Electric School Buses on the Road";

"The U.S. plans to bolster the fuel supply to Europe, in case Russia cuts off gas and oil.";

"Irving-based ExxonMobil pledges to go net-zero by 2050".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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