Jan. 20, 2022

Quick Climate Links: How serious is Elon Musk?; port pollution sickens family; Richard Heinberg on energy; 'Please Explain' is back

Quick Climate Links: How serious is Elon Musk?; port pollution sickens family; Richard Heinberg on energy; 'Please Explain' is back

Elon Musk (pictured), has said climate change is humanity's biggest challenge, but some are now questioning his commitment to that belief. Read about it here: "Where Does Elon Musk Really Stand On Fighting Climate Change?"

Richard Heinberg from The Post Carbon Institute is an authority when it comes to matters about climate change and here, in a YouTube clip, discusses "The Great Unravelling: Energy".

The "Please Explain" podcast is back for 2022 and begins the year discussing "What is the impact of the maritime heatwave?"

A letter to The Los Angeles Times prompted this piece: "Port pollution sickens their family. They say that’s a form of violence".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Sixth mass extinction of biodiversity already underway, and is entirely caused by humans";

"Mythologised, memorialised then forgotten: a history of Australia’s bushfire reporting";

"Sponges can survive low oxygen and warming waters. They could be the main reef organisms in the future";

"Climate change is creating security threats around the world – and militaries are responding";

"What You Need to Know About Green Loans";

"Errors and Emissions";

"La Niña doesn’t give the government a free pass on climate impacts";

"ExxonMobil targets 'net zero' emissions at operations by 2050";

"Electricity prices have dropped. Here's why, and how to save even more on your power bills";

"Tajikistan: The Climate Crisis at the Roof of the World";

"Australian scientists have a 'solid' plan for emissions-heavy industries";

"Protecting threatened species in a new era of fire";

"4 ways to stop Australia’s surge in rooftop solar from destabilising electricity prices";

"How a Powerful Company Convinced Georgia to Let It Bury Toxic Waste in Groundwater";

"The Sustainability Opportunity";

"Seeing 1,000 glorious fin whales back from near extinction is a rare glimmer of hope";

"Building renewable power: Govt challenged to strike environmental balance";

"Here’s how to repay developing nations for colonialism – and fight the climate crisis";

"IEA report finds global surge in electricity demand is pushing power prices to record levels";

"A.P. Moller – Maersk accelerates net-zero targets to a decade ahead of original ambition";

"RE100 report calls for governments to remove barriers for companies achieving clean power ambitions";

"Award-winning apartment design is built 90% out of wood";

"German bike maker Urwahn has received the German Sustainability Award 2022";

"CLOUDROOM’s bioclimatic design highlights the climate crisis";


"2021 Global Temps 6th-Hottest Since Industrial Revolution, Says Everyone";

"Chart: Black Americans hit hardest by deadly air pollution";

"How Exxon is using an unusual law to intimidate critics over its climate denial";

"How the Refrigerator Became an Agent of Climate Catastrophe";

"Sydney smashes January humidity records as La Nina nears its peak";

"Rare heath goannas killed by vehicles as visitor numbers increase in national parks";

"Conservationists seek new ways to keep critically endangered possums alive";

"Harnessing renewables potential in Africa";

"Chemical pollution has passed safe limit for humanity, say scientists";

"Two-Spirit activists explain why the LGBT+ community needs to unite against the climate emergency";

"‘The opposite of planning’: how Australia put the economy before health of the nation";

"Citi's Commitment to Net Zero by 2050";

"There’s a massive bubble in the price of carbon – and yet it won’t bring down emissions any faster";

"Leaf oysters: the unsung heroes of estuaries are disappearing, and we know almost nothing about them";

"How long to midnight? The Doomsday Clock measures more than nuclear risk – and it’s about to be reset again";

"Confusion, financial pressure, discomfort: older people can struggle with sustainable living, despite its obvious benefits";

"All around Massachusetts, cities and towns want to go fossil fuel free. Here’s why they can’t";

"The big six energy providers don’t need a bailout – nor do they deserve one";

"A car-free London is within our reach";

"Transforming Transportation 2022: Climate-Centered Mobility for a Sustainable Recovery";

"Lakes Are Losing Oxygen Due To Climate Change";

"UN declares healthy environment a human right—now what?";

"‘We live and die by it’: climate crisis threatens Bangladesh’s Sundarbans";

"Sorting things out: Go ‘big’ or ‘small’ on climate solutions?";

"The majority of the world promised to end deforestation. But businesses are standing in the way";

"Mechanics Ask Walmart, Major Bike Manufacturers to Stop Making and Selling ‘Built-to-Fail’ Bikes";

"Want to keep your workers? Change your climate policies";

"The Climate Conversation No One Wants";

"Expanding national parks not enough to protect nature, say scientists";

"Offsets 'handed out like Monopoly money'";

"Perth heatwave declared as firefighters contain blaze burning near Karrakatta cemetery on 42-degree day";

"Experts slam oil giant Exxon Mobil's net-zero 'ambition'";

"New Research Shows How Health Risks to Children Mount as Temperatures Rise";

"Lumber Prices Are off the Rails Again. Blame Climate Change.";

"How solar farms could do double duty";

"Dusting for ‘fingerprints’ to determine humanity’s climate impacts".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".


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