Dec. 12, 2021

Quick Climate Links: "Autonorama"; what does the Glasgow climate pact mean?; climate change impacts on grapes

Quick Climate Links: "Autonorama";  what does the Glasgow climate pact mean?; climate change impacts on grapes

Smart Growth, the Philidelphia Planning Authority and Island Books combined to bring a special event to life in which Peter Norton talked about his new book: "Autonorama: The Ilorory Promise of High-Tech Driving".

A full-length recording of the event can be found on the Smart Growth website.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Resources Institute (WRI) enabled people to hear a discussion about the question: "What Does the Glasgow Climate Pact Mean for the Fight Against the Climate Crisis?".

Other Quick Climate Links for today are:

"Scottish Tory MPs did not engage with UK over carbon capture funding";

"Let’s turn the tide on climate change";

"New US energy standards would reverse Trump’s war on lightbulbs";

"LABarometer survey finds adverse environmental conditions impact a growing number of Angelenos";

"Poor neighborhoods bear the brunt of extreme heat, ‘legacies of racist decision-making’";

"How did the Dutch get their cycle paths?";

"Australia’s coal-fired power plants likely to shut almost three times faster than expected, report suggests";

"‘Really sad moment’: bogong moth among 124 Australian additions to endangered species list";

"Margaret River bushfire threatens properties as locals flee homes, but Yallingup fire downgraded";

"Israeli winemakers see climate change affects their grapes";

"Climate Change Is About To Change Everything We Knew About Tiger Sharks";

"Shale Reality Check 2021";

"Iceland facility sucks carbon dioxide from air, turns it into rock";

"Warmer winters leave Connecticut’s forests vulnerable to a tiny, wooly pest";

"Dictionary update shows how changing climate changes language, and much more";

"Seed is Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network";

"Stop Ecocide";

"Korea Joins the Race to Reach Carbon Neutrality by 2050";

"Coalition, Labor jockey for carbon dollar";

"Scotland marks end to coal power as Longannet chimney is blown up";

"WA firefighters must navigate caves to fight bushfire threatening Margaret River region";

"Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform";

"Land rights";


"Labor calls for ‘grassroots mobilisation’ of religious Australians to tackle climate crisis";

"Indigenous  Climate Action";

"How global warming brings Indian Ocean Region together";

"A TikTok food star on why gas stoves are overrated";

"Coastal GasLink could face million-dollar fines for repeated environmental infractions";

"Getting it wrong on self-driving vehicles";

"‘Really sad moment’: bogong moth among 124 Australian additions to endangered species list";

"Australia’s weekend weather: west battles bushfires as storms and rain forecast for most of east coast";

"Hats off to the ResourceSmart Schools!";

"Rain-Soaked Rural Australia Asks: When Will It End?";

"Searching for Australia’s Climate Tipping Point";

"The tricky business of charging electric cars";

"Why Nissan is probably the most serious threat to Tesla out of the traditional automakers";

"FMG CEO Elizabeth Gaines stands down as company reinvents itself with green energy";

"Australia’s climate culprits pay little or no tax, new data shows";

"‘Extraordinary’: End of coal in sight as Australia maps out 2050 electricity plan";

"CCC warns Scotland must rapidly reduce emissions to meet 2030 target";

"Orange launches new carbon fund to finance reforestation and ecological restoration projects";

"Regional Paths to COP26: An Overview of Climate Policy and Regulation";

"Extreme weather and pandemic help drive global food prices to 46-year high";

"How ‘Big Oil’ works the system and keeps winning";

"Climate action leadership program helps teens channel concern into action";

"Crab Wars: A Tale Of Horseshoe Crabs, Ecology, And Human Health By William Sargent — Review";

"A rush to mine the deep ocean has environmentalists worried";

"Europe conflicted over push to fast-track mining code for the ocean floor";

"US spending on airport expansion flies under the radar for climate activists";

"African Union urged to bring political clout to Egypt climate talks";

"We’re Living Through the ‘Boring Apocalypse’";

"'We want justice on climate', Makate says";

"Concern over impact of Norfolk Boreas offshore windfarm on seabirds";

"The Man Who Predicted Climate Change";

"Tropical forests can regenerate in just 20 years without human interference";

"NSW bars environment officials from holding financial interests linked to offset scheme";

"WA bushfires: two fires burn near Margaret River in Western Australia – video";

"Homeowner told to remove solar panels – but next door has had them for decade";

"Dave Sharma, the very model of a Wentworth modern Liberal";

"Dissecting the Language of Climate Change";

"Biden approves relief for Kentucky after tornadoes kill dozens in heartland";

"‘We can’t save everybody’: could biobanking offer Australian animals a last hope against extinction?";

"First Fires, Then Floods: Climate Extremes Batter Australia";

"Renewables growth puts heat on Kurri gas peaker";

"More than 70 people killed as series of deadly tornadoes smash several US states";

"A Plea to Make Widespread Environmental Damage an International Crime Takes Center Stage at The Hague";

"A Life’s Work Bearing Witness to Humanity’s Impact on the Planet";

"Scientists Join Swiss Hunger Strike to Raise Climate Alarm";

"‘A Trash Heap for Our Children’: How Norilsk, in the Russian Arctic, Became One of the Most Polluted Places on Earth";

"UNEP: Current climate commitments are ‘weak promises, not yet delivered’";

"‘Gentle giants’: rangers prepare for return of wild bison to UK";

"Tornadoes Leave Trail of Devastation Across Six States, With Scores Dead".

Enjoy "Music for a Warming World".

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