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Just listened to violence in environmental activism pt 1

Why can't all university subjects be more like this?? This episode, which includes an interview with Mark Rudd will make you reconsider what political activism means. Do the actions we take shift power structures? It was surprising listening to Rudd's reflections on his involvement in the Vietnam War and how he believes it contributed to governments revolutionising war tactics. I never thought of governments having revolutions of their own. Spine chilling if you accept the argument being made. A must-listen. - on behalf of Rosie Pham


Why isn’t this show winning more awards! Stunning journalism. Much needed words and sounds.

Climactic: a brilliant climate community collaboration

I’ve been a Climactic listener since the early days of the podcast, and have always been impressed by the reporting, how sensitively and intelligently different aspects of climate change and in/action are explored. Mark has been inclusive from the start, with initiatives like ‘Community Corner’, and by focusing on broadcasting the voices of the climate community. Excellent! Now, with the growth of the Climactic Collective channel featuring a variety of climate-related shows, there’s an explosion of talent, creativity and collaboration. Wonderful work team!! The supportive spirit is heartening, thanks for doing all you’re doing!!!

An amazing compendium of stories & up to date information from activists, scientists, researchers, writers and thinkers about all aspects of the climate and ecological crisis and how we can create beyond it.


Thankyou for bringing these stories to us and for your work in trying to bring about change. Everything you are doing is so important. Thanks

Terrific and important podcast

Climactic is one of the most important and topical podcasts you can listen to. I’ve learned so much listening to this show, which is both beautifully informative and professionally produced - full of diverse voices, coverage of activist events, interviews, listener input, and so much more about how to support one another through the emergency we're currently facing. If you haven’t already subscribed to this show, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Highly recommend

A very informative and entertaining podcast. Mark is a natural interviewer who brings warmth, intelligence and humour, and always gets the best out of his guests.

A world away but hits close to home

Mark Spencer is a passionate host and it shines through in every guest he interviews and rally he attends. He treats every matter with the respect and gravitas it deserves whether it is school children or adult events. Climactic is a great podcast to highlight the ways Australia is tackling climate change!


Love this podcast. We desperately need it in the world. The crew and guests of Climactic are all amazing!


An excellent podcast! Informative, incisive and optimistic.

Relevant and informative

Love hearing about local climate change and sustainability heroes as well as knowing more about what’s being done in this area around Australia. Thank you!

Contact for hosts?

Hi, listening to first episode, nice work! Wondering if there's somewhere I can contact the hosts or guests for more info? Thanks!