July 30, 2021

Sustainable Hour | The Climate Revolution - Part 3

Full notes available from the Centre for Climate Safety. Thank you to the Sustainable Hour for sharing this episode with us. The threat, the solution and the plan. Here's the why, the who and the how. This podcast episode is dedicated to the climate campaigner who has burned out. Podcast content – in order of appearance - apologies these are 2:31 earlier than they appear in the Climactic release. 00:05 Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General 00:25 Movie clip: Marvel, Thor: Kaorg spea…

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July 25, 2021

Climactic Curation | July Edition

The Climactic Collective is the podcast network by and for Australia and NZ's climate community.Curation is the monthly audio magazine show that highlights the best of the network – and the broader community.This curation is focused on climate solutions.Attendees are able to participate as the episode is recorded and streamed live, then a listener Q+A with host Mark Spencer plus special guests. Support the show: https://www.climactic.fm/p/support-the-collective/

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July 23, 2021

This Climate Business | Transport policy just went off the rails, WTF!?

Follow This Climate Business here . Transport represents almost half of CO2 emisisons in NZ. In Auckland, its higher, at 67%. After agriculture with our burbing cows, transport is the most imporant sector to decarbonise. Yet the just published 10-year plan for Auckland predicts a 6% increase in emissions by 2031. Critics have called the plan ‘baffling’ – at odds with the council’s commitment to halve emissions by 2030. The report is one of many transport policy documents up for discussion, all …

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July 16, 2021

Sustainable Futures Report | Sustainable Futures

Subscribe and listen to the Sustainable Futures Report here. Anthony Day helps you plan a sustainable future with expert guests and reports on green technologies from across a warming world. We're halfway through our July Solutions Showcase. Join us on July 25th for a live recorded taping of Climactic Curation looking back on the episodes we've featured, highlighting some particular moments. Watch on Facebook , or our YouTube channel . Support the show: https://www.climactic.fm/p/support-the-co…

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July 10, 2021

BONUS | Facilitate This! Launch

How does the profession of facilitation relate to the climate crisis, and how might it be a potential solution? Find out in this bonus episode where Mark talks to showrunner of the new podcast from the Groupwork Centre, Jim Buckell, about the new show, it's purpose, and why it might be just the show for you! Find and subscribe from https://groupwork.com.au/podcast Support the show: https://www.climactic.fm/p/support-the-collective/

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July 9, 2021

Windfall | A new 5-part series on offshore wind from NHPR's Outside/In

Listen to the series here. Giant corporations are retooling their business models, setting their sights on the climate problem and hoping to capitalize on offshore wind. But some of these corporations — including BP and Shell — are the same companies arguably responsible for climate change in the first place. Windfall is the story of a promising green technology and the potential of wind power in a changing climate. And it’s a story about power… and who has the power to reshape our energy futur…

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July 3, 2021

Climate Conversations | Bendigo girls in STEAM creating an electric car is world's first

Climactic's July Spotlight on Climate Solutions Week 1 This episode of Robert McLean's Climate Conversations is a perfect way to start this month's solutions focus. If you have a recommendation please just drop us a line: hello@climactic.fm Music in intro | In Paler Skies by Blue Dot Sessions Graeme Wiggins (pictured with two of his enthusiastic students) has created what he believes is the world's first project where young girls, about 26 of them, are working together on a project to convert a…

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June 26, 2021

Regenomics Downunder | LAUNCH

Subscribe to the newest show on the Climactic Collective from https://www.climactic.fm/show/regenonomics-downunder-podcast/ Why Regenomics Downunder? RE - because the best solutions are REgional GEN - because the best solutions reGENerate (not just reduce harm) OMICS - because the best solutions create better economies (especially regional) Down Under - because our focus is our region - Australia and New Zealand - with stories from across the Pacific, through the “global south” and around the …

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June 18, 2021

PENpod | Creating the climate for change — Katerina Gaita, Marta Zajac and Serena Davies

It's another changing of the guard at PEN Pod as Cam Kaufman prepares the pass to the keys to the next steward of the Postgraduate Environment Network podcast. In this episode she speaks to the founder and lead staff at Climate for Change. In the 10th episode of PENpod, Cam Kaufman chats with Katerina Gaita, the founder of Climate for Change, as well as Marta (fundraising coordinator at C4C) and Serena (fellowship coordinator at C4C), a organization uses personal connections as a powerful lever…

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June 11, 2021

Climactic Features | The Magnitude of All Things

The Magnitude of All Things is a cinematic exploration of the emotional and psychological dimensions of climate change . When Jennifer Abbott lost her sister to cancer, her sorrow opened her up to the profound gravity of climate breakdown, drawing intimate parallels between the experiences of grief—both personal and planetary. Stories from the frontlines of climate change merge with recollections from the filmmaker’s childhood on Ontario’s Georgian Bay. What do these stories have in common? The…

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June 4, 2021

Leeds climate action Andy Gouldson and Polly Cook

This is an episode of PCAN, you can find more here ( www.climactic.fm/show/pcan-podcast ). In episode three we talk to two key players in the PCAN story, Andy Gouldson, Professor of Environmental Policy at the University of Leeds, and Polly Cook, Chief Officer for Sustainable Energy and Air Quality from Leeds City Council. Andy set up the independent Leeds Climate Commission in 2017, which works closely with Leeds City Council. The Leeds Commission has led to the formation of ten other climate …

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May 30, 2021

🧪🥊 Sci Fight — Scientists go to Heaven? | Science Comedy Debates

Sci Fight ( www.scifight.com.au/ ) is a quarterly Science Comedy Debate where scientists and comedians come together to debate serious issues in a ridiculous manner. This round's topic: Scientists go to heaven. Scientists do God’s work. They seek truth; divorced from opinion or ambition. They put society’s needs ahead of their own. They pursue their research with diligence, patience, and humility. Some of them even do it sober. That’s most of the seven Heavenly virtues! Surely that’s enough Fre…

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May 28, 2021

Climactic Features | Investigating "Inconceivable" with director Jayde Harding

Special guest host Amruta Nargundkar from Heckin' Concerned ( www.heckinconcerned.com ). Inconceivable is a film that recently ran on ABC Compass . Amruta and I speak to the director Jayde Harding about the making of and response to the film, her engagement with the climate crisis, and the broader topic of 'birthstrike'. In the age of the global climate crisis many young Australians are struggling with the part of them that has always wanted and imagined having kids and the part of them that is…

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May 21, 2021

Hypecast | S2E1 — Acting on Climate | Political Will on Climate Action with Zali Steggall

We're so happy to share the first episode of the new season of Hypecast with you! Ever since Zali Steggall won the Sydney seat of Warringah as an independent candidate in the 2019 election she has been a force for change in our federal parliament. Championing legislation on climate action, parliamentary integrity, and recently an amendment to the Sex Discrimination Act, she has demonstrated refreshing leadership and transparency in Canberra. In this episode Laura Phillips, Head of Urban Advocac…

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May 14, 2021

Going There | Hope in Anti-Climactic Times

Get the full episode and subscribe to Going There from https://goingtherepodcast.libsyn.com/episode-124-hope-in-anti-climactic-times (sorry for the full URL, but Apple Podcasts is currently a 🗑️🔥 so 🤷🏻). Climactic Collective publisher Mark was invited on the excellent Going There podcast so popped along - and had a blast! Thanks to Matt and the team we can share episode for you here. But, if you enjoy this please do get along and get more of their deep seam of great shows. The hosts turn to spe…

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May 8, 2021

Nourishing Books & Bites | Nicole Abadee on "Books, Books, Books" & more

Get more of Nourishing Matters to Chew On from https://www.climactic.fm/show/nourishing-matters-to-chew-on/ A complete treat and fun, to speak with Nicole Abadee this week about her wonderful podcast Books, Books, Books and how books nourish and share joy and hope at times like these. Two talkative women, Nicole and I, went on a roadtrip to Scone last March to what was to then be the last ‘live’ Writers Festival for more than a year as COVID restrictions kicked in. Within a month or so, Nicole’…

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May 1, 2021

Books, Books, Books | Leah Kaminsky and Meg Keneally "Animals Make Us Human"

Books, Books, Books is a podcast by Nicole Abadee, book critic for Good Weekend, where she interviews top Australian and International authors. This episode is especially of interest to Climactic listeners, as was the first episode of hers we featured, with Rebecca Huntley . Please enjoy! Leah Kaminsky and Meg Keneally discuss their new anthology, “Animals Make us Human”, a passion project for them and their contributors. SHOW NOTES: Nicole Abadee Website: https://www.nicoleabadee.com.au Facebo…

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April 23, 2021

3rd Birthday Extravaganza!!

Climactic was launched April 22nd, 2018. Now, three years on, we've released over 300 episodes. Kept our weekly schedule through it all. And, grown to be the flagship show of a Collective of 20+ climate-engaged podcasts. We're proud, and here we're highlighting why, with some of our finest moments! The recent, the topical, the unrehearsed. Enjoy, and if you enjoy the show please drop us a line to hello@climactic.fm to share some of your favourite moments, or what the show means to you. Thanks, …

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