Nov. 6, 2021

Climate Ready Stories | Joining the dots in Maldon

Climate Ready Stories | Joining the dots in Maldon

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As the coordinator of Maldon Neighbourhood House, Amy Atkinson is at the heart of a vibrant, engaged and active community where the median age is approaching 60. Climate change isn’t talked about much in Maldon - even though the impacts of are likely to have a disproportionately negative affect on older people.

 "We’re grass roots organisation - we’re activist organisations really, we can make change in the community."

 Amy Attkinson | Maldon Community House Coordinator

In this soundwork Amy walks us through the Climate Ready Maldon project, and how she went about creating awareness of the impacts of climate change and the ways individuals can and need to better prepare for it without trying to get everyone onto the same page.

Amy Atkinson, Anna Robertson, Miranda Bone, Bernie Kriss, Lindsey Glover, Anthony Morrey and Andy McInnes.

Maldon Neighbourhood Centre/Climate Ready Maldon

Presenter/Producer Kyla Brettle
Music, Rob Law
Images, Carmen Bunting
Cover Art, Maddison Connors

Executive Producers Dona Cayetana and Geoff Caine
Produced by ADAPT Loddon Mallee as part of the Climate Ready Plan

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