Aug. 6, 2021

WCJC | Feminist Climate Justice Poetry Night

WCJC | Feminist Climate Justice Poetry Night

The Women's Climate Justice Collective and One Woman Project warmly welcome you to come along to our poetry night celebrating intersectional feminism and climate justice.

WCJC is a national collective aiming to mainstream intersectional feminist climate justice.

WCJC strives to be feminist, intersectional, inclusive, diverse, child-friendly, and safe. Our mission is to: 1) mainstream intersectional feminist climate justice;

2) support women and nb folks in the feminist and climate justice movements;

and 3) demand that intersectional feminism is incorporated into the climate justice movement, and climate justice is incorporated into the feminist movement.

We aim to bring more feminists and feminist perspectives into the climate movement to build capacity and consciousness. We also aim to illuminate in feminist spaces and groups, how the climate crisis especially affects women, and the need for gender-just climate solutions. Our main objectives are to grow as a collective, and develop resources, workshops and events to increase understanding of intersectional feminist climate justice.