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June 17, 2022

Zeleen Virani - Becoming Global Citizens

Zeleen Virani - Becoming Global Citizens
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Zeleen Virani worked in the banking industry for over 20 years, most recently in Retail Branch Management and Operational Risk roles where she was often part of making the decisions on whether or not rural women entrepreneurs would be getting access to capital.

She assessed return on investment on all budgetary decisions and she was instrumental in collaboration with key partners and a trail blazer on new digital tools.

But she recently left that industry and is looking to make an impact as a leader that inspires acceptance, diversity and inclusion of all, creating a workplace that treats all equally.

Zeleen is mom to 2 boys, instilling in them a sense of leadership and responsibility to become future global citizens. She was their home school teacher during pandemic.

Her parents were South Asian newcomers to Canada.

Zeleen also wrote a moving story about her life and her experiences that you can read on the website here.

Zeleen mentioned the Duca Impact Lab. It's a new way of delivering financial services.

Zeleen and her sons are walking in the World Partnership Walk. Their fundraising page is here.

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