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Dec. 21, 2022

The Disconnection Between Health Authority and Community: Grandview Healthcare Solutions

The Disconnection Between Health  Authority and Community:  Grandview Healthcare Solutions
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Grandview HealthCare Solutions is a grassroots, community driven organization that grew out of the need to better serve patients in Grandview, Manitoba and the immediate surrounding area. This is another case of a community coming together to create solutions for rural health care. You’ll hear clearly how the Regional Health Authority in the area is making decisions that don’t work for this rural community (and many others) and the frustration from the health care professionals and members of the community, that the two can’t work together to come up with innovative solutions.

In this episode, you’ll hear from Sue Stirling, from Grandview Healthcare Solutions and from Dr. Jacobi Elliott, currently the only physician serving the area.

Suewas born in England and came to Canada in 1982. She worked primarily with domestic violence and child sexual assault victims. Her family traveled around Manitoba with work and they lived in Grandview, Thompson, Gilliam, Lac du Bonnet, and Winnipeg. When she retired, she returned to Grandview. She has been involved with Grandview Healthcare Solutions, since 2017. 

Dr. Jacobi Elliott grew up in South-Africa. Her mom was a nurse and her dad a wine farmer. 

She has 2 sisters - and they are both also physicians. All she ever wanted was to work in the hospital - she says she loves the smell of the place. She has a diploma in anesthesia, and a special certification in emergency medicine. 

Dr. Elliott is the currentPresident of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitobaand she wrote a compelling message to college members about her experience this year and I’ll leave a link to ithere.

Dr. Elliott is 52 - midway through her career, she says, and she says she still has lots of life left in her! She’s a mom to a lovely 19 year old and all her daughter wants is to work in the hospital.