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Nov. 3, 2021

Terrena Rizzoli - Ask for help

Terrena Rizzoli - Ask for help
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This year Terrena Rizzoli celebrates 10 years as an accomplished Indigenous business owner and denturist at Rizzoli Denture and Implant clinic. Not bad for someone who says she was an ‘okay’ student and that she felt she had to work much harder than most to get the grades needed for the denturist program.

But now it’s a labour of love. After being in business for several years, she realizes now just how many folks needed her services and the confidence that improving someone’s smile can bring.

As a small child, Terrena remembers her mom consistently putting herself last and without insurance, Terrena recalls her mom having painful toothaches and always wished she could help her in some way, that is what sparked her interest in the dental field.

Terrena comes from a line of entrepreneurs, her parents both also owned a business and ran a farm. You could say it was in her blood.

But it certainly hasn’t been easy. As the mom of three children including a set of twins, balancing family and a business has had its pressures and challenges.

Terrena talks about asking for help and that sometimes we, ourselves, can be our biggest obstacle and she outlines some of the unique challenges Indigenous entrepreneurs face.

Terrena hails from Stoney Plain, Alberta.

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