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Dec. 15, 2021

Susan Wagner-White - Use Your Advantages

Susan Wagner-White - Use Your Advantages
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Susan Wagner-White lives in rural Eastern Ontario and is a pointillism artist. Pointillism, if you’re not familiar with it, (I wasn’t) is a painting technique using tiny, distinct dots of colour, sometimes in layers, creating images.

Susan is also a thalidomide survivor born with no arms. During our interview, she explains what thalidomide is, how it affected a number of children in Canada and around the world, and how living without arms has affected her life, and her work.

Living in a small town, Susan not only faced scrutiny because of her disability but she’s also married… to a woman.

She and I met through a Facebook page, Jann Arden’s Facebook page actually. I thought I recognized Susna’s name and liked a comment she made. She messaged me and we realized we were almost related and I asked her if she’d join me for a conversation.

Turns out Susan is my cousin’s cousin. Although we aren’t blood relatives, I’d heard about Susan but never met her, until this call.

She will see Jann Arden, barring any unforeseen health restrictions, for the 11th time in the spring.

And Susan is working on a book. She has a truly engaging story to tell. This is just scratching the surface.

See Susan's work:




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