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March 16, 2022

Sierra Lathlin - Drive, Grit and Passion

Sierra Lathlin - Drive, Grit and Passion
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Sierra Lathlin is the founder and owner of Barkery Dog Treats. She is a 24-year old Indigenous female from Opaskwayak Cree Nation but she currently lives and handcrafts all her pet treats in Gimli, Manitoba, where she also has a storefront.

Late last year, Sierra attended the Young Entrepreneurs Alliance G20 Summit which was hosted in Milan & Rome. She was one of 13 young entrepreneurs from across Canada, selected to attend where she secured deals to export her products to other countries.

She has also been nominated as Canada’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year sponsored by RBC and GoDaddy. She will find out if she is the winner next month.

Sierra talks about how she got started as an entrepreneur, the tragic event that motivates her, how she managed through the pandemic and advice to other young women considering entrepreneurship.

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