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Nov. 3, 2021

Shivani Dhamija - Don't give up

Shivani Dhamija - Don't give up
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Shivani Dhamija moved to rural Nova Scotia to be with her partner. Armed with a degree in Public Relations from Fanshawe College, she was shocked when she couldn’t find a job. She was very determined though and took jobs where she could. One of those jobs was at the Canada Games Centre and when a friend of Indian descent visited, and told Shivani a trucker friend was looking for home cooked Indian food for his trips, it sparked her idea to provide an Indian meal delivery service.

At first she called it Home Made Tiffin but couldn’t register the name. Then she realized there likely wouldn’t be anyone with HER name selling Indian food so Shivani’s Kitchen was born!

She offered cooking classes, sold products at Farmers’ Markets, created Indian Spice Blend products, opened a restaurant and now is focusing on a food production plant with Shivani’s Ready to Use Sauces! Her products are in many stores throughout Atlantic Canada and the United States.

Shivani talks about her inspirational family and also her struggles to make friends as a new immigrant in Canada and what we can all do to include new Canadians.

Shivani hails from Windsor, Nova Scotia.

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News about Shivani’s Kitchen: https://shivaniskitchen.ca/blogs/in-the-ne

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