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Feb. 23, 2022

Shawna Perry - Support Your Community

Shawna Perry - Support Your Community
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Shawna Perry is the owner of Little Black Dress, a women's high end consignment boutique located in Summerside, Prince Edward Island.

Shawna grew up in a rural community in PEI. In her early twenties she travelled as much as she could, both nationally and internationally, before settling back in PEI to raise her family and open up her own business.

Although she was hesitant to start a business in rural PEI, she knew that it was home for her and she was optimistic she’d have the local support to become successful. Fashion has always been a love and passion of Shawna’s, so deciding to open a clothing store was not a surprise to anyone.

A consignment boutique not only provides great quality products to the community at affordable prices, but it also presents the opportunity for locals to gain some income from their previously loved pieces. Not only that, but of course it reduces the amount of textile waste otherwise going into landfills. 

At Little Black Dress, Shawna and her team pride themselves in promoting inclusion and body positivity. No matter what age, race, weight, or gender you are, or regardless of your sexual orientation, the team welcomes you with open doors and can ensure they will have something for you.

Little Black Dress believes in true, authentic style, rather than what is "trendy." and it is because of the local support that Shawna has received from her own community that Little Black Dress continues to grow and thrive, not only as a boutique, but as a community.

She says "Little Black Dress - It's not just a brand, it's a lifestyle."

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