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Sept. 25, 2022

Season Two Trailer

Season Two Trailer
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Welcome to the second season of Clearing a New Path Podcast. I’m your host, Shauna Rae.

I’m in rural Southwestern Ontario, on the traditional territory of the Anish-inaabe, Haudenoshownee and Mississauga or Neutral peoples who once used this land as their traditional beaver hunting grounds. 

There are soooo many underrepresented voices across Canada, folks ignored, overlooked and silenced. I feel called to engage in building a united, feminist, anti-racist rural Canada, one that truly embraces diversity and is rooted in Reconciliation.

That starts with, what can be, uncomfortable conversations.

Season one, was focused on rural woman-identiftying, non-binary and queer entrepreneurs, 

This season we’ll go deeper on rural-specific topics. 

Things like women’s health, gender-affirming care and seniors’ care in rural and remote communities. Broadband: The contentious issue that has folks on one side of the street in town with fiber, and the other without. Women in trades and traditionally male-dominated professions. Agricultural emissions: What is fact and what is fiction? Reconciliation: How do we change focus from what will be lost in our rural communities, to what there is to gain? Freedom: What does that word mean to marginalized folks in rural Canada?

The core of those conversations is truth, in other words, what do we know to be true for us at this moment? AND can we hold space for another’s truth, while still holding space for our own?

This is a space where mutual respect, open dialogue and honest questions are welcome and encouraged, as we find our way together through challenging topics. As a white woman of privilege, I don’t have all the answers but I’m willing to be vulnerable and learn right along with you.

Join me on the journey, Clearing a NEW Path!

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