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Nov. 24, 2021

Season Kirkwood - Rip the bandaid

Season Kirkwood - Rip the bandaid
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Season Kirkwood calls herself a bit of a nomad. She spent much of her adult life, living in different cities and towns, working in different sectors to develop her entrepreneurial passions.

She worked for the City of Winnipeg before leaving to pursue land-based recreation entrepreneurial development.

Season provides mentorship and leadership to Indigenous communities to create and run recreation programs with increased access to the outdoors.  She has also partnered with the local recreation commission, to create offerings for families, children and tourists, visiting local historical sites and experiencing land-based activities.

Season shares knowledge of Métis culture. She also takes the opportunity to talk with families about the language we use around inclusion and gender identity.

What you will hear loud and clear in this conversation, is Season's love of nature and the outdoors and her passion for sharing it with others!

Season is a pioneer. She was trained as part of a committee of folks that will now coach others in discovering experiential tourism opportunities across Canada.

One of the best parts is that she is connecting other small businesses, creating a community centred approach. She told me about how a group of women will show up at council meetings together, to show support for one another and I was struck by her sheer passion for community and inclusiveness. Plus, she’s a captivating storyteller.

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