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Feb. 2, 2022

Sascha Boulet-Devost - Build a Network

Sascha Boulet-Devost - Build a Network
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Sascha Boulet Devost is the CEO ofCapture Therapeutics (& PhysioFirst). She started these practices with one purpose: to offer accessible healthcare for all.

Her goal is to provide rural communities with accessibility to an interdisciplinary team, without being added to a waitlist. Transforming healthcare from reactive to proactive.

Sascha has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from UNB, a Master's degree in Science of Physiotherapy at McMaster University and completed a US doctorate program.

Sascha started a small practice but early on, needed to expand. She now has three locations and is currently opening the fourth in Atlantic Canada. Sascha takes pride in ensuring each and every patient and team member is Seen. Heard. & Understood. That requires focusing on both the client experience and providing stable non-competing positions that allow true interdisciplinary collaboration. It’s healthcare reinvented!

Sascha believes that as clinicians they must find ways to go above and beyond the limits their professions to help better serve the people of their communities. She says, “We must aim higher, and create new outlets and opportunities for everyone involved.”

Sounds pretty inspiring doesn’t it? I certainly was. But it hasn’t been easy. Sascha and her teams have faced some unique and shifting challenges due to the pandemic. She talks about those and other hurdles of being a rural female entrepreneur.

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