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Oct. 12, 2022

RURAL TALKS: Leslie: Nelson, BC and Carrie: Caledon, Ont

RURAL TALKS: Leslie: Nelson, BC and Carrie: Caledon, Ont
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I hosted another Sunday open Zoom call, this time it was on Thanksgiving weekend (for those who celebrate).

I was joined by Leslie from Nelson, British Columbia and Carrie from Caledon, Ontario.

Leslie is retired and is running in her local municipal election. She is a longtime climate activist and is concerned about development and the voices that she's not hearing, the people she's not seeing at the all candidates meetings and debates she's been involved in. She thinks things need to change in order to build community. She's offering coffee shop meetings and suggesting council meetings take place in various areas of the community so more people can access.

Carrie runs a co-operative organic farm in Caledon, Ontario and she's alarmed by the lack of input and the corruption at the municipal level and at the provincial level of government. She's concerned about development and where we'll get our food if there's no land to grow it. She sees how women on her local council are treated and it's disgusting.

We're all concerned about the underlying and seemingly more obvious hate that is bubbling up in our communities but we're also seeing systems being pulled apart and dismantled and that's exciting.

All of us are committed to change.

Leslie mentioned the flooding of highways near Nelson, BC.

Carrie mentioned the Canadian Federation of University Women.