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June 1, 2022

Rural Ontario Community of Queer Youth

Rural Ontario Community of Queer Youth
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Members of the Rural Ontario Community of Queer Youth

Mabe Kyle

Maker of poetry, pottery, and photography who loves being creative.
Adventurer who calls many places home across borderlines. 
Builder of communities who enjoys being active.
Embracing friends, family, and their neurodivergent mind.

Keener for desserts served at every meal with the sweetest tooth you may find.
Yearning for disability justice and liberation for the collective.
Learning how to express gratitude and be kind.
Embodying a life without binaries who is very introspective.

Blake Wava Quinlan
(they/xe/ey), is an agender queer from Muskoka Ontario. As a 16 y/o high school student they are quite familiar with many issues facing rural 2SLGBTQIA+ youth. In zee free time, ey love to cook, paint, and read poetry.


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