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Dec. 22, 2022

RURAL BOOKS - AUTUMN ONGARO - FEAD: A Taste of Home in Norfolk County

RURAL BOOKS - AUTUMN ONGARO - FEAD: A Taste of Home in Norfolk County

Autumn Ongaro - FEAD: A Taste of Home in Norfolk County

This is the third in a series of rural-based authors. I love this book because it’s a combination of a recipe book and a storybook.

Autumn Ongaro is the author of FEAD, a delightful reference on seasonal cooking that celebrates the bounty of fresh foods in Norfolk County. It will carry you through the four seasons as Autumn shares the stories and histories of many farms, and crafts their treasured ingredients into seasonal and approachable recipes. Each page is adorned with Ongaro's atmospheric photography showcasing the abundance of quality, vibrant foods through the hands of the farmers and through her creative recipes. 

Inside FEAD, you'll find sensational seasonal recipes including:

- Roasted Asparagus Soup with Crispy Bacon

- Green Onion and Cheddar Dinner Rolls

- Blueberry Pop Tarts

- Grass-Fed Meatballs with Feta

- Red Wine Brownies

And lots more

Autumn Ongaro is a photographer, recipe developer, educator, gardener and gal behind Evolving Autumn food blog. What began as a creative outlet is now a business focused on atmospheric photography, seasonal recipes and food education. She lives in Norfolk County and uses the local bounty of seasonal, quality ingredients as her inspiration. Her freshly published book FEAD carries you through the four seasons as she shares the histories of local farms and transforms their beautiful crops into approachable dishes. Follow along with her farm-to-table adventures @evolvingautumn

*If you live locally within Norfolk County and would like to avoid shipping costs, please email me at evolvingautumn@gmail.com or message me on Instagram @evolvingautumn to arrange a pick-up.