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Dec. 12, 2022

RURAL BOOKS - ANN DOUGLAS - Navigating the Messy Middle

RURAL BOOKS - ANN DOUGLAS - Navigating the Messy Middle
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Ann Douglas - Navigating the Messy Middle

A Fiercely Honest and Wildly Encouraging Guide for Midlife Women

This is the first in our series of Rural Authors and Rural Books.

Ann is an award-winning writer and bestselling author. She is the creator of The Mother of All Books®  series, which has sold over half a million copies in North America to date. For decades, Ann was Canada’s most trusted writer on all things parenting, and often heard across Canada speaking about just that, on CBC Radio. 

She is the author of 26 non-fiction books and a passionate and inspiring speaker who delivers keynote addresses and leads small-group workshops at conferences and online events. I actually had the good fortune of attending one of Ann’s workshops at a conference several years ago.

Ann and her husband Neil live in rural Ontario, where she is hard at work on her first novel.

For this book, Ann interviewed over 100 midlife women for this book, from diverse backgrounds and identities,  including me! Some of the topics include career pivots, health concerns, building community, child-rearing, marriage and divorce.  She also interviewed several subject matter experts and reviewed over 1000 articles about women in mid-life.

Millions of women grapple with midlife challenges faced with a popular culture that tells us our best before date has long expired. Ann brings us together in this book, in hope and encouragement.

Learn more about Ann and get the book.