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A great listen no matter where you live!

I’ve enjoyed the podcast from episode 1. So many great topics and Shauna is a fun & fearless interviewer.

Conversation that matters

Shauna is a courageous soul who is having the conversations that no one wants to have but that we need to. This is a show for changemakers who want something better for their communities. Thank you Shauna! Keep going.

A Delightfully Fresh Perspective

Such an enlightening podcast. Shauna’s interview style is engaging and real. Thankyou for sharing these great stories from rural Canada.

Lucy and Season

Wow wow wow. First I wanted Lucy’s job then I would be as excited as Season. The advice Season gave, the insight is life challenging and life changing. Creating space for all. This really spoke to me. Putting on a united front instead of trying to break each other apart. Bonfires Brilliant. These women are just Mon blowing amazing. Thank Shauna.