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Feb. 15, 2023

Michelle Friesen - Municipal Government and Reconciliation

Michelle Friesen - Municipal Government and Reconciliation
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Councillor Michelle Friesen - Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Michelle Friesen caught my eye, initially, with a post on Instagram. She was addressing her city’s council, as a sitting councillor herself, about the discovery of children’s remains at residential schools. She posted a video of her address and then also posted the comments she received from the public afterwards. I also noticed in the video that Michelle was holding her infant son, Theo at the council meeting, which is unusual.

I connected with her and she agreed to have a conversation with me.

Michelle is proudly serving as the first Indigenous woman EVER on Whitehorse City Council. The city rests on the Traditional territories of the Kwnalin Dun First Nation and her family's First Nation, theTa'an Kwacch'an Council. Her passion for community and the importance of representation are what inspired her to step into leadership and she looks forward to continuing to learn and connect with folks who call Whitehorse home! 

Michelle serves as the Youth Representative for the Whitehorse Aboriginal Women’s Circle and is the founder of ShredHERs, a mountain biking group which empowers women through sport and connects them to mental health and wellness resources. She was also a candidate in the 2021 territorial election and continues to share her experience and empower others to seek leadership through her work with 'Lead As You Are' which aims to encourage diversity and representation in leadership and political roles.

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