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July 20, 2022

Lynette Mader - Conserving Rural Wetlands

Lynette Mader - Conserving Rural Wetlands
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Lynette Mader was raised in rural Middlesex County. She got her career start with a job as public relations manager for Turkey Farmers of Canada in Mississauga and from there, took a marketing job at what was then, Cold Springs Farm in Thamesford. This brought her back to the London area where she met her husband - one of the owners of Bellamere Country Market and Winery. 

She left Cold Springs Farm to work in the family business until the business was sold, and then she accepted a marketing manager position at Ducks Unlimited Canada's (DUC) Barrie Ontario office.

Since that somewhat abrupt right turn into an environmental career in 2002, she has held many positions including overseeing landowner stewardship programs and starting Duck Unlimited Canada’s first consulting initiative in Ontario, to raise funds for conservation.

In 2014 she accepted the position of Manager of Provincial Operations becoming the first woman in Ducks Unlimited Canada to land a provincial manager position.

She has been a member of the Species at Risk Program Advisory Committee, co-chaired a provincial wetland advisory panel, was a member of a wetlands technical advisory group, a member of the Protected Areas Working Group and was vice chair of Ontario's Climate Change Advisory panel.

Currently she is participating on the Rural Ontario Municipal Association's Attainable Housing Task Force. 

Lynette is passionate about rural quality of life and ensuring Ontarians can continue to enjoy natural spaces. When she is not advocating for nature and wildlife habitat, she is equally passionate about dementia advocacy and improving the long term care experience for seniors.

Ducks Unlimited Canada website

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