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June 8, 2022

Lindsay Rubeniuk - Growth through Immigration

Lindsay Rubeniuk - Growth through Immigration
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If you are a person immigrating to Canada wanting to live your best life in one of the most beautiful places in our country then you have to meet Lindsay Rubeniuk.

Lindsay is passionate about developing a skilled workforce, growing Canadian rural & northern towns and spreading her knowledge on the subject of immigration. She loves Canada and her education backs that up. She is an Economic Developer of Canada, a member of the Career Professionals of Canada as well as a licensed Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

Lindsay has brought new direction to the immigration scene as she works with businesses & municipalities to train their staff on how they can implement the many immigration pathways available to bring foreign workers into Canada.

Of course, Lindsay continues to work with skilled immigrants to identify pathways to immigrate to the Canadian Prairies.  She talks about many topics as the host of the popular podcast “Immigration on the Canadian Prairies”.

Lindsay's company website: 100th Median Immigration

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