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Jan. 12, 2022

Kiersten Mohr - Living Life Authentically

Kiersten Mohr - Living Life Authentically
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In 2017, after fifteen years as a geologist and senior leadership professional in the Energy Industry, Kiersten Mohr embarked on the most significant challenge of her life: gender transition. Gender transition was life-changing in many ways. Kiersten's publicly authentic and vulnerable approach to her transition allowed her to see how authenticity in the workplace could build connection and synergy with her colleagues. Kiersten moved from a dominant to a non-dominant group while maintaining a corporate leadership role. This meant she discovered many insights into improving equity, diversity, and inclusion in professional spaces. As she continued her corporate career, Kiersten found new motivation to engage in a more meaningful life through volunteering in the community and educating herself with a Bachelor of Psychology.

Eventually, these experiences ignited a personal passion which led Kiersten to step out of her energy industry role, continue with a master's degree in Psychology, and launch Terra Firma Transition Consulting.

Kiersten is now passionate about using the unique intersection of her education, twenty years of corporate and leadership experience, and lived experience as a transgender professional, to help empower organizations in creating authentic, equitable, accessible, and inclusive workplaces.

In her community, Kiersten is the President of the Airdrie Pride Society, a board member with Distress Centre Calgary, and a board member and publications director for the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geoscientists.

Most recently, Kiersten was honoured to be recognized by her community as Airdrie's 2020 Amazing Women in Advocacy and nominated by the Mayor of Airdrie for a 2020 Star of Alberta Award.

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