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July 13, 2022

Kelly Snowdon - Take a Risk

Kelly Snowdon - Take a Risk
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Kelly Snowdon is 28 year old competitive athlete turned entrepreneur from Moncton, New Brunswick. Kelly has competed in 5 Canadian Ringette Championships,  the Canada Winter Games in Halifax in 2011 and was a part of 3 seasons of the National Ringette League with the Atlantic Attack. 

Kelly has 3 sisters Jessica, Jenny, and Britney and ringette has been part of the family for two decades. It has molded them into an extraordinary and unique family, thanks to their incredibly supportive parents, Rupert and Janice.

In Kelly’s last season, her team won the 2018 National Championship in Winnipeg Manitoba.
with all three of her sisters on the same team. It was the first, and last time all four sisters played on the same ringette team.

In Kelly’s professional life, she started out as a server at the age of 19, but she quickly realized this wasn’t going to be her lifelong career.

Her second job was working as a childcare educator working weekdays and weekends.

But with this position, Kelly’s passion and energy diminished as her employer was verbally and mentally abusive. After work, all Kelly could do was sleep because her work drained every ounce of energy from her body, leading her to quit all sports and her social life.

Kelly’s partner suggested she take a sick leave and Kelly went to get help for her mental health, her doctor diagnosing her with severe depression, anxiety and PTSD from the toxic work environment.

After a long fight with compensation, Kelly had to find a way to make an income. Her partner encouraged her to rediscover her true passion, sports. And Dugout Sports Training Facility was born.

What motivates Kelly every day is knowing that not only herself but her coaches make a difference in the lives of athletes that come through Dugout's doors. Sharing their love for the game and knowledge is rewarding.

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