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Nov. 16, 2022

Kaity Adams - Adams Family Ink and Boutique - Decolonizing Business, Politics and Mental Health

Kaity Adams - Adams Family Ink and Boutique - Decolonizing Business, Politics and Mental Health
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Kaity and Montana Adams own Adams Family Ink and Boutique on Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, near Brantford, Ontario but it is clear Kaity runs the business. But this is at the root of her Indigenous heritage and family teaching, you will hear in this episode.

Kaity was born and raised on Six Nations, on the Onondaga First Nation. She is Deer Clan and a proud Haudenoshawnee woman. Her husband Montana is from Aamjiwnaang First Nations which is Chipewa/Ojibwe.

Kaity talks about qualifying on reserve for a mortgage to build her own house, that only her income was considered because only she is a band member. She talks about making the decision to turn the main floor of their home into a tattoo studio and boutique and moving their living space downstairs.

Kaity took politics in university and she explains about how it felt as an Indigenous woman to learn in an environment surrounded by people who didn’t know her history. She talks about how Indigenous politics works, the benefits and the drawbacks. And her experience with witnessing mediation talks and full voting in Indigenous community.

And Kaity is very open about her mental health and how important she feels it is to be vulnerable about that, so others can feel less isolated and alone.

I learned a great deal from this conversation. I hope you do too!

*Kaity is preparing to create her own podcast so stay tuned for that in the future!

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